_m_i_k_u_ _b_a_c_k_s_t_a_g_e_ _s_l_o_p_p_y_ _d_o_u_b_l_e_ _b_j_ _n_ _f_u_c_k_ _ _H_i_d_o_r_i__Cover.jpg
_m_i_k_u_ _b_a_c_k_s_t_a_g_e_ _s_l_o_p_p_y_ _d_o_u_b_l_e_ _b_j_ _n_ _f_u_c_k_ _ _H_i_d_o_r_i__Screen.jpg
Hidori-ManyVids-Mar 19-16:40 min-BBC, Blow Jobs, Cosplay, Facials, Spit Fetish
Hatsune Miku is in need of some fun after working hard on her concerts. She decides to pick 2 of her fans and let them come backstage for “hanging out” . One thing leads to another and she finds herself stripping and teasing for the guys. She soon gets a much needed taste of cock. These guys are well endowed with 2 big and nice dicks, one white and one black , perfect for the thirsty Miku. She does a very sloppy/messy double blowjob and makes a mess all over her mouth and tits. Her spit is dripping down to her tits while she’s begging to be stuffed and fed cum. After the both guys finish on her face and in her mouth Miku is ready to take them inside her tiny pussy and she does just that for even more fun

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