This is my first school project of the year! I have a crush on my new teacher, so I want to make a good impression. For our first project, we had to make a good introduction video that talks about something we like. So I talk about someone I like — that’s you, my new teacher. And I tell you about all the naughty things I found on the internet for us to do! This video starts out very sweet and innocent, and doesn’t get too heavy into sex-talk until a little past half-way. I’m never fully nude but there are a lot of teases and upskirts, really good angles of this qt! Eventually I whip out a dildo I found and show you some of the naughty things we can do, finally begging you to fill me up and make me pregnant. I want to be your favorite student, and I will do anything to get an A! Please enjoy my small body, senpai!-Bunnie Hughes, your #1 student.

Ganre: Age Play, Impregnation Fantasy, Role Play, School Girl, Submissive Sluts .

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