Randy and I explore the sex appeal of our eyes by mastering the glassy, open stare. She uses her finger tips to spread my eyelids wide open, preventing me from blinking, no matter how hard I try. While my eyelids are pinned open, I stretch and contrort the rest of my face, rolling and crossing my eyes with perfect control. My eyes are so open, you can see the entire wet curvature of my eyeball in the socket. Randy and I change places, so she can experience the sensation of eyelid restraint. Then, she and I have a modified staring contest to build up our blink resistance. We each try to stare as long as possible without blinking while the other does her best to initiate the eyelid closing reflex. (1920 X 1080 resolution, mp4 format)EYE FETISH – CROSSED EYES – STRETCHED EYELIDS – UNBLINKING STARE – FUNNY FACES – FACE FETISH – BODY PART COMPARISON.

Ganre: Body Part Comparison, Eye Crossing, Eye Fetish, Face Fetish, Stretching .

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