Ugh, I have the most perverted brother on the planet. Mom and Dad are NOT going to be happy to learn that you’ve been spanking your monkey again. I swear to god, you’re addicted or something. If you don’t want me to tell them I caught you with your pants down, you have to do what I say. I want you to do my homework. All of it. For a whole week! Deal?Hah, I knew you would, you desperate virgin. Well, hurry up and jerk that cock of yours. The ‘rents will be home any minute. What do you mean, you need some inspiration? You want to see my boobs?! You really are a horny freak. Ok, ok, fine. But if I take off my clothes, you have to do all my chores for a week, too! That’s right, bitch, you’ll be like my personal slave for 7 days. Do we have a deal? Starring Larkin Love. Contains the following erotic elements: TABOO – SISTER/BROTHER FANTASIES – MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION – BLACKMAIL FANTASIES – BIG TITS – BRUNETTE – JOI.

Ganre: Jerk Off Instruction, Sisters, Taboo, Masturbation Instruction, Blackmail Fantasy .

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