In this video, I show you how I get dressed when wearing latex. I begin completely naked and rub silicone shine lube all over my bare skin until it’s slick and glistening. Then I pull on the latex clothing piece by piece, savoring the sensation as it slides over my oiled flesh. First the thong, then the skirt, the tank top, the 8 inch heeled boots, and finally the gloves. Once I’m completely encased, I caress my body through the thin layer of rubber. It feels orgasmic! Watch me massage my pussy and tits through my skin-tight outfit, my fingers gliding, completely coated in lube. (1920 X 1080 resolution, mp4 format) LATEX – LOTION/OIL FETISH – TIT PLAY – BOOT FETISH – RUBBER FETISH – GLOVE FETISH – HIGH HEELS.

Ganre: Latex, Lotion/Oil Fetish, Rubber Fetish, Boot Fetish, Tit Play .

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