Black Mask has made a daring robbery of LexCorp laboratories and stolen an experimental shrink-ray prototype. Intending to use it against Power Larkin, he fires at our heroine – only to find that the half-baked gun BACKFIRES and turns him into a pint-sized pilferer! Power Larkin seizes the opportunity to teach Black Mask some manners – the hard way. She tucks him into her bountiful bosom, nearly suffocating him to death between her titanic titties. Then, she sticks him head-first into her white spandex panties, and he struggles until she has a shuddering orgasm. Once again, justice is served! (1920 X 1080 resolution, mp4 format) SUPERHEROINES – GIANTESS – SHRINKING FETISH – BIG TITS – COSTUMES – SMOTHER – BLONDE.

Ganre: Superheroines, Cosplay, Shrinking Fetish, Giantess, Costume .

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