This was filmed as a custom video. Fiona is fresh out of the shower and wants to find a thong that makes her big fat ass look really good. She tries a few on and then decides to ask her brother for his opinion! Her brother thinks it’s really weird that she’s asking him, he feels really strange looking at her ass in these tiny thongs, but Fiona is enjoying making him nervous and jiggling her butt in front of him. She tells him he can touch her ass and her brother hesitates but it does look really good… He gives in and grabs and squeezes Fiona’s ass, getting turned on in spite of himself. Fiona then tells him thanks, he can go now! Her brother is clearly frustrated and turned on but he leaves, and Fiona chuckles to herself and starts doing some jumping jacks. Suddenly her brother bursts back in, pushes Fiona down and starts cumming all over her face! I guess he really did like the look of those thongs! After he cums all over Fiona’s face he runs out, and Fiona is left surprised and sticky on the floor. That was interesting.

Ganre: Ass, Ass Grabbing, Booty Shaking, Taboo, Thong Fetish .

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