Custom Clip This is a unique clip and I love it!! Both of these fetishes are dear to me ||| We’ve just gotten back from a super fun outing and I plop on the couch semi exhausted. You notice my bra is already off under my dress, and I tell you I’m not really tired, but my feet are. You offer to rub my feet, and I of course allow you to. Soon, you can’t resist my soft feet and long sexy painted toes, you start sucking them. I squirm and moan and touch myself, I tell you you know what happens when you do that!I finally tell you I can’t take it anymore and to take out your cock for me. I suck your cock for a minute, just to get you a little harder and let you suck my toes while I do, then I let you fuck me. Hard- I beg you not to cum inside me over and over!! But it feels so good, I keep putting it back in- when you finally cum, you unload all your baby batter inside my pussy, OOPS! The scene cuts to a couple weeks later, I take a pregnancy test and confess the results. What could it be? A MUST HAVE for anyone with both these fetishes!!

Ganre: Foot Fetish, Impregnation Fantasy, POV, Virtual Sex .

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