It starts in the afternoon I’m super horny and wanting to cum. I start my fingering my clit slowly and fingering my pussy, digging for cum to eat. I eventually squirt a bit on my couch.. OH SHIT! I left a puddle? Dammit, I wipe it up and move so my squirt will hit the floor. I can’t stop, I’m so horny… after I squirt standing up a few times, I show you how wet I am facing the cam. Then hours later, I’m horny again!! It’s dark out now. I slowly build back up with my wand again, I insert my wand in my pussy several times and squirt more puddles all over the floor. I show my puddles and I also show myself cleaning up my mess, with my teeth chattering and body shaking..

Ganre: Hitachi, Odd Insertions, Squirt, Squirting .

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