Custom Video You have come to a special clinic for relaxation and therapeutic massage where you meet your me, your Nurse Keri. I read your information and I understand you need the full relaxation treatment- focusing on leg massage. I start by rubbing your legs from the side of the bed, but I ask if it’s ok to mount you- to make it easier to rub your legs. After a while of me rubbing your legs, your cock grows hard and you can’t help it, my ass bumps into it and I immediately get horny and want to add some elements to your service I then take matters into my own hands, giving you a quick blowjob, then fucking you in both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl position. After a while of fucking I ask if you’re ready to cum in my mouth and I let you finish all over my face and in my mouth till it’s pouring out. I let you know your session is over, and that I really hope you come back again.

Ganre: Cowgirl, Cum In Mouth, Nurse Play, POV, Virtual Sex .

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