In this video, you win a raffle contest off of my social media to meet me in person! How exciting! Out of all those people YOU were the one chosen to meet me! We meet up and you’re so incredibly happy to see me in person. I asked you if you read ALL of the emails I sent you. You told me I only sent you one email. I apologize because The emails included all the details of what we would be doing today together. Well, who cares that you didn’t know all of the details. You’re someone that would do whatever any pretty woman tells them to do. I tell you how it wasn’t just a meet up. It was a special meet up. A special meet up where I dress you up into the cutest pink little outfit and give you a real make up make over. You had no choice. You already signed all your rights over to me when we agreed to meet. Yeah. That was at the bottom of the email that you failed to read. After the gay bestie makeover I tell you how you’re now going to bend over ,spread your ass cheeks and take this dildo up your fucking ass. You spread it like a good bitch and take the dick like a pro. I know you’ve done this before. I then throat fuck you to oblivion as you’re gasping and gagging on the dildo. I’m so excited to have a new gay bestie!!!!! Surprise at the end.

Ganre: Femdom, Femdom POV, Redhead, Imposed Crossdressing, Imposed Bi .

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