THIS WAS ORIGINALLY FILMED AS CUSTOM VIDEO. I’m making a video for you, showing off my round ass just how you like it, slapping and grabbing it and getting it all oily and slippery for you – when suddenly my filming is interrupted by my brother walking it, butt naked and with a hard on! He says he could hear me slapping and talking about my oily ass and he couldn’t help but get aroused, and that as it’s my fault he’s got so turned on, I should take care of his boner for him! I’m not sure but in the end I think what the hell, and agree to give him an assjob as long as he keeps his hands to himself! I proceed to bounce and grind my fat ass on his dick until he shoots his load all over my ass and back and we watch it dribble down my body.

Ganre: Ass, Ass Fetish, Ass Grinding, Sisters, Taboo .

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